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Niddo Suesca has been created to offer our guests a space for rest, connection and tranquility.

We seek to create an environment consistent with the meaning and comfort of our guests, for this reason we make the following recommendations:


  • After 10:00 pm we want to take care of the sleep and tranquility of our guests, for this reason we ask you to make a very moderate noise, inside and outside each nest.

  • The common spaces (headquarters, dining room and outside fireplaces) are available to our guests, but we ask that after 10:00 pm you enjoy yourself making moderate noise, so as not to disturb other guests.

  • For smokers we will have specific spaces to smoke, away from the camp. Smoking inside the tents or near the tents can be risky and may inconvenience other guests. We ask you not to throw cigarette butts on the grass, always in a suitable bin.

  • Smoking inside the tent generates a fine of 120,000 pesos.

  • To come to the hotel, either to stay or for a day trip, it is always necessary to make a prior reservation.

  • The entry of food and beverages into the hotel is prohibited, for the entry of alcoholic beverages a corkage fee of 35,000 per bottle is charged.

  • At Niddo Suesca we have snacks, hot and cold drinks available, which you can buy directly at Niddo and must be paid at check out.

  • Parents are solely responsible for children during their stay at the hotel. 

  • The activities service is offered until sunset. 

  • We are in a nature reserve. The garbage please deposit it in the bins that you will find in the hotel.

  • Remember to sign your order every time you make a consumption (activities, food and drinks) which you must pay at the time of check out.

  • Food and beverage service is from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm.

  • If you bring your own bike you can use our track at no cost. You just have to pay the accident insurance at reception. 

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