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Regulations for pet accommodation

For your comfort, that of your pet and that of other guests, we invite you to consult and respect our regulations for pet accommodation. The administration is free to suspend the service to the owners of the pet. Niddo Suesca is proud to be a camp that hosts, cares for and pampers your pet. These rules are so that we can all live together. If they are not respected ​

 All pets must bring their own bed and carrier.


The lodging of each pet has a price of 50,000 and we ask you to take care of everything you find as if it were your own home.


The pet is not allowed to climb and / or sleep on the beds of the guests or the use of blankets or cushions from your Niddo for the pet.


We do not have passage restrictions for pets.


Pets  must always enter the restaurant  tied up to avoid disturbing other guests.


Please avoid using plates, cups and other camp utensils for the use or care of your pet.


It is important that you bring your pet's vaccination certificates.


The faeces of your pets must be collected and deposited in the bins found in the common spaces.


The owner of the pet is solely responsible for it. In addition, the owner will have the obligation to keep his pet in proper hygienic and sanitary conditions.


The owner of the pet is solely responsible for the damage caused by the pet to a third party, furniture or hotel staff.


 To clean the room, the pet must be outside the Niddo.


It is forbidden to use the shower in the rooms to bathe pets. Similarly, towels, sheets and other hotel linens cannot be used to clothe or dry pets.


Damages caused by a pet to the hotel facilities will be charged to the account and collected at the time of check out.


The space and tranquility of the other guests must be respected.


At Niddo Suesca we are building our policies and services to be the best hotel for pets, so we recommend that you respect these conditions in order to continue accepting 4-legged guests and give them, their owners and other guests the best stay.


Your suggestions and comments are welcome and any ideas too!

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